Infinum is the company that I co-founded with Matej Spoler. I did that when I was 19 years old, as a 1st year university student.

Since high school, my co-founder and me wanted to build software. After some time, we learned how to sell software too, so we founded a company that does just that. We got into university, but alongside our academic career we wanted to also run a company. We had no idea where this was taking us, and people usually thought we were weird.


After we graduated computer science, we started to become serious about running a business. Three new people joined our management team (Nikola Kapraljevic Nixa, Josip Biscan and Tamara Momcilovic).

Nixa became an expert in Android development, and later moved on to become the COO at Infinum. Josip became an expert in web technology, then moved on to become a Managing Partner. Tamara started her career as a designer, but soon shifter her focus to running sales and marketing in Ljubljana, where she runs one of our offices.

As for us two - Matej focused his interests on iOS, and moved into the CTO role at Infinum. I'm in charge of business development and strategy.

We managed to grow from 2 to almost a 100 people in 6 years, with no external funding whatsoever.


I could say that I'm proud about a lot of things. That I'm proud of building a successful and profitable company. That I'm proud that Infinum became a recognised brand name for two things: quality software development and good fun.

I could say that I'm proud that we got to a point where we work with successful companies using new and exciting technology. That I'm proud about the $100k cash prize we won from Samsung, or that we won the Deloitte Fast 50 CE prize 3 years in a row.

But, at the risk of sounding corny, the thing I'm most proud of (and that was the hardest one to build) - is the excellent team of people I work with every day.