My name is Tomislav Car /tsɑːɹ/, I'm a 30 year old entrepreneur, and I never had a real job in my life. When I say "real job", I mean that I never worked for someone, other than myself.

I'm the CEO at Infinum, an independent software design and development agency I co-founded when I was 19 years old and in college.

I'm originally from Croatia, and currently live in San Francisco.


Infinum builds mobile and web apps for established brands, startups and partners with other agencies. We have over a 100 employees and have been around for 12 years.

We equip the biggest cruise ships in the world like Royal Caribbean with onboard photography software. Our Truck Parking Europe apps help truck drivers find a better place to eat and sleep. The apps we built for CurrencyFair help people send money abroad with less fees. Our mobile banking apps have transferred millions of dollars securely and safely.

The industries we work with include retail, entertainment, financial, telecom, travel and others. You can see more of the type of work we do here.


Based on our experiences at Infinum, we created Productive, a web-based tool for running a profitable agency. We built it to scratch our own itch and fix some of the problems we had as an agency. After seeing how it helped us, we decided to turn it into a product.

Instead of using 5-6 different tools for managing your business (for Project management, Time-tracking, CRM, Profitability), you can do it all in one place using Productive. It's tailored specifically for digital agencies, marketing agencies, development shops or consultancies.


Over the years together with Infinum I won a lot of awards. One time we won $100.000 in cash from Samsung. We also won the Deloitte Fast 50 CE award 3 years in a row and the Inc 5000 2016 award. I've been featured in a Forbes 30 under 30 segment, so that was fun (although I'm not under 30 anymore).


I love motorcycles. Back home in Croatia I ride an original Yamaha XJR 1300, and in the Bay Area I ride a Suzuki Bandit 1200

Eri¢ Tha Dogg & MUSIC

I also love music in many different shapes and forms. I have a dog called 'Eric The Dog', an electric guitar called Blade Texas Vintage 57 and I'm still learning how to work both.


You can find me on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Sometimes, I also write articles for The Capsized Eight.

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